Pure Light


The Regimedy Pure Light range eliminates unwanted yellow tones that may remain in the hair after bleaching. Neutralizes copper tones of oxidation colors and returns natural grays to their original state. While cleansing and conditioning, violet pigment helps cool the tone of your hair; as well as the color that is applied in the living room.

Use it one to twice a week, alternating it with your usual Regimedy.

Discover the Perfect Luminosity with the Pure Light Range from I.C.O.N.

At Coserty, we present you the exclusive Pure Light range from I.C.O.N., designed to enhance the natural luminosity of your hair. These products will help you achieve the perfect tone and shine you´ve always wanted.

  • Pure Light Toning Shampoo: The first step to achieve impeccable luminosity. This toning shampoo gently cleanses while enhancing light tones and refreshing colors. Formulated to eliminate unwanted yellow tones, leaving your hair shiny and radiant.
  • Pure Light Toning Conditioner: Complement your hair care routine with our toning conditioner. Enriched with softening and toning ingredients, this conditioner detangles, softens and enhances your hair´s natural shine. In addition, it helps maintain and prolong color between washes.

Discover how the Pure Light range from I.C.O.N. can transform your hair into Coserty

The Pure Light range from I.C.O.N. It is specially formulated to provide visible results from the first use. With their ability to enhance and maintain the luminosity of your hair, these products are essential for those looking for radiant and bouncy hair.

Feel the difference with each application and get luminous and shiny hair that will make you look will make you stand out.

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