Have you ever wondered what the difference is between cleansing and detox, or, if I wash my hair why would I need a detox? Chemical agents, toxins and pollution have become part of our daily lives. They not only affect our interior and immune system, but also our hair, leaving it dull, lifeless, dry and frizzy.

In the same way that we do an internal detox, we have to do it externally. It has been shown that you cannot maintain healthy hair for a long period of time without regularly performing a detox treatment.

The Regimedy Detox range eliminates toxins thanks to its blend of organic oils that stimulate blood flow, thus promoting healthy scalp and with it, healthy hair growth.

Detoxify and Revitalize your Hair with the I.C.O.N Detox Range.

At Coserty, we present the I.C.O.N. Detox range, designed to free your hair from impurities and revitalize it with new energy. These products are the perfect solution to revitalize your hair and give it a fresh start.

  • Energy Detox Shampoo: Start your hair detox routine with our Energy shampoo. Its purifying formula cleans deeply, eliminating impurities and accumulated waste. Enriched with revitalizing and stimulating ingredients, this shampoo activates blood flow and leaves your hair fresh, clean and full of energy.
  • Awake Detox Conditioner: Our Awake conditioner is the ideal complement for Energy shampoo. Nourishes and strengthens your hair, providing it with deep hydration and renewed vitality. De-stress, gently detangle and leave your hair soft, manageable and with a rejuvenated shine.
  • Shift Detox Treatment: The Shift treatment is the key to a deep detox before shampooing. Its advanced formula acts as a protective shield, restoring balance and health to your hair. Revitalizes and strengthens each strand, leaving your hair renewed and full of vitality.

The Detox range from I.C.O.N. It is designed to offer visible results from the first use. With their ability to detoxify and revitalize hair, these products are essential for those looking for fresh, bouncy hair.

Discover the revitalizing power of the I.C.O.N Detox range. in Coserty. Feel how your hair regains its vitality and shine with each application, ready for a new beginning full of energy!

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