Heat, dryness and dehydration are problems we all face during the summer. To avoid dry, brittle and frizzy hair, we must keep it hydrated and ensure that it receives proper care.

Maintaining adequate hydration is as essential for the body as it is for the hair. Although it is not simply about hydrating, but also about providing essential nutrients to nourish and protect ourselves from the rays. sun, heat and the effects of dryness.

Hydration is the key to survival. Throughout the day, we drink a lot of water to keep our levels at the right point, so we need to continually replenish it. The same thing happens with our hair. If not properly hydrated, it will look dull, lifeless and fragile.

The Regimedy Hydration range provides hydration to the hair to transform it by giving it flexibility, elasticity and shine.

Deep Hydration for Your Hair with the Hydration Range from I.C.O.N.

At Coserty, we present the Hydration range from I.C.O.N., a complete solution to revitalize and nourish your hair with intense hydration.

  • Drench Hydration Shampoo: Start your hydration routine with our Drench shampoo. Its advanced amino acid-rich formula provides gentle cleansing while infusing deep hydration into every strand of your hair, leaving it soft, silky and completely revitalized.
  • Free Hydration Conditioner: Our Free Hydration Conditioner It is the perfect ally for Drench shampoo. Nourishes and detangles your hair, providing intensive hydration without additional weight. Leaves your hair manageable, soft and with a healthy shine.
  • Inner Home Hydration Treatment: This essential treatment is like a spa for your hair at home. Enriched with moisturizing ingredients, shea butter, babassu seeds that restore the health of your hair, providing deep and long-lasting hydration.

The Hydration range from I.C.O.N. is formulated to revitalize your hair with intense, long-lasting hydration.

Discover how these products transform the look and feel of your hair, giving you deep hydration from roots to ends.

Discover the experience of superior hydration with the Hydration range from I.C.O.N. in Coserty. Feel how your hair regains its vitality and flexibility, and enjoy beautifully hydrated hair with each application.

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