Free radicals are found not only in the air we breathe, but also in the sun that shines on us. So how can we combat these free radicals? How can we protect ourselves from aging?

antioxidants are part of our daily lives. We eat and drink foods rich inVitamins A, C and E; nuts, Aloe Vera, fruits, acai... We make sure that our facial treatments contain all the antioxidant and anti-aging benefits possible.

The antioxidants Regimedy range rejuvenates the appearance of the hair. It provides great body to fine hair and medium-fine structure, improving the appearance and shine of the hair thanks to its proteins.

Experience the Power of Protection with the I.C.O.N. antioxidants Range.

At Coserty, we present to you the exclusive range of I.C.O.N. antioxidants products, designed to protect and revitalize your hair. These products are packed with powerful antioxidants and the star ingredient: Acai.

Acai is the crown jewel of this range, known for its ability to deeply nourish the hair and scalp. Loaded with antioxidants, this ingredient protects against environmental damage and revitalizes your hair from roots to ends.

  • Fully Shampoo: Start your hair care routine with our shampoo, formulated with acai and a unique blend of antioxidants. Gently cleanses while providing body and shine to hair with protein.
  • Antidote Replenishing Cream: This vitamin-rich leave-in cream offers deep hydration and additional antioxidant protection. Detangles, revitalizes and softens your hair, leaving it manageable and resistant.
  • Infusion Treatment: Our intensive treatment with shea and acai butter is an antioxidant shield for your hair. Repairs, strengthens and protects against environmental stress and damage caused by heat and chemicals.

Explore our selection of antioxidants products from I.C.O.N. at Coserty

With I.C.O.N.´s antioxidants range, you are not only taking care of your hair, but you are also protecting it from free radicals! Discover how these products, with their powerful antioxidant content, can transform your hair, providing effective defense and a radiant appearance.

Take the first step towards stronger, protected and more vital hair. Feel the difference with each application and get ready for stronger, more beautiful hair.

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