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A luxury line based on the healing practices of Ayurveda and essential oils.

I.C.O.N. creó el concepto Hair-Yurvedics para llevar los beneficios de los aceites al cuidado del cabello. India complace los sentidos. Contiene Moringa, un aceite milagroso reconocido por devolver la vitalidad al cabello gracias a sus ácidos grasos. Argán, también conocido como oro líquido, lo nutre y lo protege, facilitando el peinado y evitando el encrespamiento. La increíble fragancia del Ámbar nos envuelve, calmando nuestros sentidos y aportándonos energía.

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Discover the Millennial Secret of Hair Care with the India Hair-Yurvedics Range from I.C.O.N.

At Coserty, we present the India Hair-Yurvedics range from I.C.O.N., inspired by the ancient secrets of Ayurvedic medicine for provide exceptional care for your hair.

  • India Hair-Yurvedics Shampoo: Start your journey to beautiful hair with our shampoo enriched with moringa and argan oil extracts . This unique formula gently cleanses while deeply nourishing, leaving your hair clean, revitalized.
  • India Hair-Yurvedics Conditioner: Our conditioner is formulated to complement shampoo and provide intensive hydration. Nourishes and detangles your hair, leaving it soft, manageable and full of life.
  • India Hair-Yurvedics Oil: This oil with Ayurvedic ingredients is a true elixir for your hair. Nourishes deeply, restores vitality and shine, and promotes a healthy scalp. Apply before washing for additional hydration or as an intensive treatment.
  • India Hair-Yurvedics Dry Oil: Our dry oil is a lightweight solution for shine and frizz control. Enriched with natural ingredients, it provides a smooth and silky finish without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Curl Cream India Hair-Yurvedics: This cream is specially designed to define and enhance curls. Provides hydration and frizz control, leaving curls soft, defined and healthy-looking.

Discover how these products transform your hair at Coserty

The India Hair range -Yurvedics by I.C.O.N. offers you the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine for hair care. Take hair care to the next level with natural and effective ingredients.

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